200 proof ethanol, also known as pure ethanol, grain alcohol, and absolute alcohol, is used in countless applications across a wide variety of industries. 200 proof ethanol is sold in several different grades, including fuel grade, industrial grade, USP grade (pharmaceutical grade), food grade, and beverage grade.

MRE sells millions of gallons into the fuel ethanol market each year. Fuel ethanol is a high-octane biofuel that is added to gasoline, which reduces air pollution. More than 98% of gasoline in the U.S. contains fuel ethanol.

MRE also offers higher grades of 200 proof ethanol, including USP/FCC grade. Many of our clients utilize USP/FCC grade for industrial applications as a cleaner, solvent or reagent.

DOT: UN1170, Ethanol (non-denatured ethanol), Class 3, PG II

You must be the age of 21 or over to purchase this ethanol product.  All Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB), federal, state, and local laws must be complied with.  You may be required to provide MRE Ethanol with your state and federal license, even when purchasing products that require a federal excise tax payment.